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Crowd Manga

At Heroes Made in Asia you’ll find a field with 20 black and white drawings in manga style on canvasses. Manga’s and comics are usually made by a team. While an artist draws the black lines, another specialized artist provides the drawing with colors.

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Just Dance – show your moves!

When you take a stroll through the game area, you’ll definitely run into the Just Dance Caravan from META. As you might expect, this is the place where you can play Just Dance! This dance game by Ubisoft will keep you moving and exercising without any need to leave your house.

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Leon Chiro – Cosplay Judge at the cosplay competition

One of Made in Asia’s international Cosplay Contest judges is Leon Chiro! As a professional cosplayer from Italy, he has competed throughout all of Europe and has won quite a few prizes. Besides competing at events, he has also been invited as a special guest and cosplay judge multiple times.

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Special Guest Veronica Taylor

We are delighted to welcome a very special guest this edition of Heroes Made in Asia. We are of course talking about Veronica Taylor! She is an American voice actress who has brought many characters in kids shows and anime to life with her voice.

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Heroes Made in Asia is the place to be to meet new people!

Heroes Made in Asia is the place to be to meet up with others alike. Is anime your thing? Then you could pay a visit to the Dutch Anime Community and discuss with others why Naruto is your favorite anime. Is gaming more your thing? Challenge others to a smash bros battle! Or perhaps you’re always thinking about who you are going to cosplay next and you want make costumes yourself. Luckily for you there are plenty of others who would like to learn more about this as well.

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Show your moves at Heroes Made in Asia

No need to sit still during Made in Asia! The Active Heroes area has been created specifically with exercise and movement as its main goal. Take part in different workshops about eastern marital arts like Laido and Kendo, or learn special dance moves during one of the Para Para workshops! You like everything about K-pop? Make sure you stop by the K-pop workshop!

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Food market at heroes made in Asia

Dive into a different world when you visit the Food Market. Take in the rich aromas of the fresh products that are being prepared; Let your eyes wander over all the colorful dishes and taste the flavors of different cultures! The Food Market at Heroes Made in Asia has a lot to offer for the real foodies and everyone who enjoys tasty dishes and drinks! Curious about what you’ll find on the Food Market? We’ve listed a few of the treats that are being sold at Heroes Made in Asia below.

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