What is Heroes Made in Asia?

what is Heroes MAde in Asia?

Heroes Made in Asia is an event you really can’t miss if you’re a fan of Asian pop culture. Think of manga, anime, Asian food, gaming, YouTubers, voice actors, cosplayers and all kinds of artists related to music or art. Whatever your connection is with Asian pop culture, you will feel at home at Heroes Made in Asia.
Admire (Japanese) artists or cosplayers and visit awesome performances or workshops with an Asian touch. Discover exciting board- and video games, play retro games with your friends or challenge them in an esports tournament to win one of the great prizes. Get in touch with other fans or wander around the Asian Market where you’ll find great merchandise or Asian-style delicacies.

Be surprised and visit the other side of the world for a day or weekend.

Get in the mood for Heroes Made in Asia

the next edition of Heroes Made in Asia

The next edition of Heroes Made in Asia takes place on:

MARCH 15 & 16, 2025 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht 

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