Active Heroes

Active Heroes

The Active Heroes area has been created specifically with exercise and movement as its main goal. Take part in different workshops about eastern marital arts. Do you like martial arts workshops? Make sure you stop by this area! 

Um Yang Kwon - Workshop Hapkido

This workshop will be taught by Um Yang Kwon during Heroes Made in Asia! Hapkido knows different techniques. In an attack, the strength and movement of the opponent are used as much as possible to unbalance and/or control him. Visit the Active Heroes Area and learn!

Um Yang Kwon - Workshop Ssang Geom

Ssang Geom is known as "the double swords". You may have seen this with Leonardo from 'The Ninja Turtles' and Kirito from the anime 'Sword Art Online'!

Associatie Wing-Chun - Wing-Chun workshop

Association Wing-Chun Kung-fu is coming to give Chinese Wing-Chun workshops in the Active Heroes Area at Heroes Made in Asia! Are you looking for an Asian martial art or self defense? Do you want to become resilient and increase your self-confidence? Have you always been curious about Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu? Or do you just like sports and exercise? Follow this workshop.

Foundation Yushinkan - Workshop Iaido

Have you always wanted to experience what it is like to perform with a traditional Asian sword? The Yushinkan foundation provides workshops in the classical sword art; Iaido.

sakura kai - Workshop Kendo + naginata

Sakura Kai practices the martial arts kendo ("way of the sword") and naginata (halberd fighting).
In our workshop, we will introduce you to basics of both kendo and naginata. Then we will show a few short matches of kendo, naginata and kendo against naginata (ïsshu-jiaj")
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