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Venzu launches the Food Theatre!

PSA for all foodies! Heroes Made in Asia has a new activity all foodies will love. Have you always wanted to learn how to make the best sushi, Bento Box, mochi, or other Asian delicacies? Definitely grab your chance and stop by the Food Theatre at Heroes Made in Asia 2022!

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Do you want to learn iaido and kendo?

The Active Heroes area at Heroes Made in Asia is all about exercise and Asian martial arts! Do you want to learn iaido and kendo? Make sure to stop by the Active Heroes area and take part in the workshops by Foundation Yushinkan from Utrecht!

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Food Friday – Onigiri

Today we will be making Onigiri! Did you know that Onigiri are rice balls which come in various shapes like triangles or hearts? And did you know that they are often stuffed with delicious fillings, like fish, avocado or dried fruit?

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Top 5 Japanese Rhythm games

Rythm based games are very popular in Japan. They often can be found in arcades and are the most fun when played together. Here’s the top 5 of the most popular rhythm based games from Japan. 

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DIY Paper Bow

This festive DIY Friday is all about how to fold an easy paper bow. You can stick them on presents or use them to decorate the house with!

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DIY 3D Paper Christmas Tree

DIY this cute 3D paper christmas tree to decorate the whole house with. Put them on the table, on your desk or even at the top of your christmas tree! You can always DIY one for your friends and family.

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