Frequently Asked Questions – Exhibitors


Wat should I do if I have a question?

  • Take a look at this FAQ page to see if your questions is here, maybe you’ll find an answer right away! Is your question not here? You can mail to

I e-mailed someone with a question and I haven’t received an answer yet.

  • Take a look at this FAQ page, maybe you’ll find an answer here.
  • If your question is not here, know that we are probably very busy and that we will respond as soon as possible.
  • Is it taking too long or is it urgent? Mail to and if necessary you can mention in the subject that the e-mail is urgent.

General participation

How can I participate at Heroes Made in Asia?

Can I already participate for a later edition?

  •  This is unfortunately not possible. We will start with the preparations of the following edition after a fair has taken place.

I am on the waiting list, what now?

  • You probably gave us your preferences and are now on our waiting list. As soon as a stand becomes available, we will contact the first one on the list. It could take some time for us to reach out to you, but we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up. There is a possibility that we wont contact you because there is no stand available.

What does my stand look like approximately?

  • For a good estimation of what your stand looks like, you can look at the specifications in My Easyfairs or you can reach out to your contact person.

How big are the tables?

  • The tables are 180 cm by 80 cm and 80 cm high.
    I have a question about my invoice or an adjustment for my invoice, what now?
  • For all questions related to your invoice, you can contact
    Is it possible to sell food or drinks on my stand?
  • Yes this is allowed. You have to discuss this with your contact person so we know what you want to sell and to discuss the percentage of payment.
    I want to cancel my participation, what now?
  • After the booking of your stand you have 7 days to reconsider your booking, after that the general terms and conditions ( apply.

Artist Alley participation

Is it possible to share my stand with someone?

  • Yes that is possible. It is your own responsibility to let your contact person know, change your stand name in My Easyfairs, arrange payment amongst yourselves and send each other the information e-mails.

What is included in my participation?

  • If you have a stand of 5 m2, a table, two chairs and two exhibitor entrance tickets are included.


The webshop is closed but I still want to order something, is this possible?

  • You can’t order anything if the deadline has passed. There is a possibility to order additional furniture during the build-up but the supply is limited and therefore we cant guarantee that there is anything available. Some things like electricity cannot be ordered during the build-up and really have te be ordered in advance.

What can I do to increase the visibility of my stand?

  • You can think about a Giveaway on our socials, sponsoring an item in the VIP-bag or place an article on our website. Ask us about the possibilities through

How can I see what is included in my participation?


How can I find more information about the build-up?

  • You will receive this information a few weeks before the fair. As soon as this information is available, this can also be found on My Easyfairs.
    Do I need a parking ticket for the build-up? 
  • No, you only need a parking ticket for the fair days. During the build-up, you can get off the parking terrain for free.

Can I hang something on the backwall of my stand?

  •  You can, but only if you don’t damage the stand walls or leave any residue from tape for example. Any damages that you may leave on the stand will be charged.

What colour do the stand walls have?

Where can I get the exhibitor entrance tickets?

  • You can pick up your exhibitor entrance tickets at the exhibitor reception during the build-up. You will need these exhibitor entrance tickets to enter through the exhibitor entrance on the fair days.

Can I pay the invoice during the fair?

  •  That is unfortunately not possible. To take part of the fair, your invoice has to be paid in advance.

How will I know where my stand is? 

  • As soon as the floorplan is ready, we will share it with you so you can see where your stand is, you can also find it at My Easyfairs then. During the build-up the stands will be indicated with the stand number and the stand name of the exhibitor.

My Easyfairs

How can I log in on My Easyfairs?

What is My Easyfairs meant for?

  • On My Easyfairs you can find practical information about the fair and the exhibitor manual with all the information you need before the event (as soon as this is available). On My Easyfairs you also have access to the HMIA webshop where you can place orders for your stand, for example electricity or additional tables or chairs.

How can I order additional items (furniture, exhibitor entrance tickets, electricity)?


What is EasyGo Heroes?

  • Included in the EasyGo package are the administration costs and your online marketing package. This means that you will get a mini website on our HMIA website. Here you can add your logo, company name, stand number and additional information. This way our visitors can see what you have to offer before, during and after the event. This way the visitors can easily get in contact with you.

How can I make use of the EasyGo package?

  • You can do this through My Easyfairs ( The information you fill in here, automatically gets updated on our website. The EasyGo package is included in every participation.
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