Meet your heroes at Heroes made in asia

Special Guests

Meet voice actors from your favorite Anime, movies or series at Heroes Made in Asia! At every edition several Special Guests are eager to meet you. Immortalise your meeting with them by buying a photo or autograph in the Guest Area. Attend one of the Q&A panels at the Main Stage and ask your burning questions.


Meet famous Artists from all over the world at Heroes Made in Asia. You can also sign your favorite comic, artwork or book by them.


As you may know, cosplay is a key element of Heroes Made in Asia and a large number of our visitors attend the event dressed up as their favorite character form a game, movie, Anime or series. They meet up with other cosplayers during the Cosplay Catwalk and Cosplay Contest. At Heroes Made in Asia you can also meet other cosplayers like the cosplay judges from all over the world. These artists have earned their stripes in cosplay already. You’ll get the chance to meet them personally!

Sakuraflor | Cosplay Host | Cosplay Contest & Cosplay Catwalk

We are delighted to welcome Sakuraflor to Heroes Made in Asia! Sakuraflor is a Cosplayer/Influencer from the Netherlands with Spanish roots.

She has been Cosplaying since 2014 and what started off as a fun hobby has now turned into a full-time job. During her journey as a Cosplayer/Influencer she has had the pleasure of working with companies like: Blizzard, Riot Games, Bethesda, Netflix, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Coca-Cola and many more!


Meet populair streamers, challenge professional esports players, participate in the esports tournaments and meet other gamers at Heroes Made in Asia. GLHF!

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