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Special Guests

Meet voice actors from your favorite Anime, movies or series at Heroes Made in Asia! At every edition several Special Guests are eager to meet you. Immortalise your meeting with them by buying a photo or autograph in the Guest Area. Attend one of the Q&A panels at the Main Stage and ask your burning questions.


Among fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, she is better known by her stage name Jessie Flower. You can find her in the following series:

☁️ Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
👧 Chaca in Kronk’s New Groove and Emperor’s New School.
🛸 Young Franny in Meet the Robinsons.
👼 Nasse in Platinum End.
🕶️ Harika in Boruto.
💚 Young Suyin in The Legend of Korra.

“Well I think you all look perfect!” was the last line in Avatar: The Last Airbender. But you can definitely still listen to Toph. On TikTok, Michaela hosts a reaction series called Tea Time with Toph. Get your Special Guest tickets through our webshop

Meet & Greet | €75
Autograph | €40
Selfie | €30
Combi | €60


Mike has been acting professionally for over 20 years in various roles, but is most known for his voice work in animations and videogames. 🎮

👴 Master Roshi in DragonBall Z and DragonBall Super
🐎 Jean Kristein in Attack on Titan
🚬 Lt. Jean Havok in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
💪🏻 & 👄 Ojiro and ectoplasm in My Hero Academia
🤡 Buggy in One Piece
🗡️ Amon in Tokyo Ghoul
🔳 Gordon in Black Clover
🗿 Carnage Kabuto in One Punch Man
☺️ Estonia in Hetalia
⛸️ Otabek Altin in Yuri On Ice

You can hear Mike’s voice in the gaming world as “Paul Phoenix” in Street Fighter X Tekken, “Charlie Nash” in Street Fighter V, and in titles like Borderlands 2 & 3, Aeon Flux, Halo Wars, Orcs Must Die!, Tales of Xillia 2, and Smite. Get your Special Guest tickets through our webshop

Meet & Greet | €75
Autograph | €35
Selfie | €35
Combi | €60


Kayleigh is a transgender voice actress. She voices both male and female characters in various anime, such as:

🗡️ Testament in Guilty Gear Strive
⚓️ Kiku in One Piece
🔍 Milverton in Moriarty the Patriot
🔥 Atraxa in MTG x Smite
👁️ Eel in Escape Academy
🐏 Pina in Beastars
⚔️ Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen

Some other favorites of Kayleigh include Dawnsgrasp in Hearthstone, numerous background roles in Genshin Impact, and there’s more to come with Cartoon Network. Get your Special Guest tickets through our webshop

Meet & Greet | €75
Autograph | €40
Selfie | €30
Combi | €60

artists & Writers

Meet famous artists and writers from all over the world at Heroes Made in Asia. You can also sign your favorite manga, comic, artwork or book by them.


Laia graduated from the Fine Arts University of Barcelona in 2016 and ever since she’s been working as a freelance illustrator, working for different publishing houses such as Random House and Planeta among others. Shortly after graduating though, she started working in a comic and illustration studio for one year, Comic Up!, as a clean up pencil artist, working on projects for Mattel and Disney among others.

She’s always been active and enjoyed social media, using it as a tool to share her illustrations with other people who shared the same interests as her. As much as she enjoys creating characters and telling their stories, she also very much enjoys doing fan art of her favorite Disney classics, anime series and video games.

She’s got two original illustrated series, Strawberry and Blue Moon published with Planeta and Royalty Witches, with Norma Editorial. Both of them have also been translated and published in French under Hachette Romans. She’s also worked illustrating many middle grade illustrated novels for Random House and Planeta.


Zack Davisson is an award-winning translator, writer, and folklorist. He is the author of Yurei: the Japanese Ghost, Yokai Stories, Narrow Road, Amabie: Past and Present, and Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan and translator of Shigeru Mizuki’s multiple Eisner Award-winning Showa: a History of Japan, Tono Monogatari, and famous folklore comic Kitaro.

In addition, his work includes Demon Days from Marvel comics, Wayward from Image, and The Art of Star Wars Visions from Lucasfilm. He has translated globally renowned entertainment properties such as Go Nagai’s Devilman and Cutie Honey, Leiji Matsumoto’s Space Battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock, and Satoshi Kon’s Opus.

He lectured on manga, folklore, and translation at colleges such as Duke University, Annapolis Naval Academy, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, UCLA, and the University of Washington and contributed to exhibitions at the Museum of International Folkart, Wereldmuseum Rotterdan, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He currently lives in Seattle, WA with his wife Miyuki, dog Mochi, cat Shere Khan, and several ghosts.


Paula Aranega is an illustrator whose professional journey began with a love for bringing stories to life, creating book covers, illustrations for children’s books, and imparting art lessons to youngsters. Over time, She also ventured into the realm of translating comics, bridging the linguistic gaps between Korean, Spanish, and English.

Her artistic palette is infused with vibrant colors, and her creations often feature adorable hamsters, anime, and a lot of other charming elements. Having refined her skills at Escola Joso, she didn’t only develop as an artist but also contributed as a professional teacher to the institution.

While currently based in Spain, specifically Barcelona, Paula’s artistic endeavors have been influenced by her residencies in South Korea and Ireland. This is reflected in the diverse landscapes and charming elements that often grace her creations. For those interested in exploring her artistic offerings, Paula operates a small business on Etsy:


Sara Lozoya was born in Madrid in 1996. She’s been drawing for as long as she can remember, be it on notebooks or school tables, but despite the fact she’s always known she wanted to work on illustration, she’s never gone to art school. In fac, she’s always being a “science girl” even in college where she studied Videogame design and development. Everything she knows about art she’s learned as self-taught, getting better bit by bit to be able to make what was originally a hobby into her profession.

Nowadays, since she can’t stop moving, Sara works in two art related fields: animation and illustration; She works as background and key color artist at Sunshine Animation Studio where she’s worked on animated trailers for videogames like Blasphemous, CrisTales or TemTem as well as Lofi Girl’s latest music video. As an illustrator she’s the creator of Flashlight, a BL manga currently being published in the Planeta Manga magazine. She’s also worked for the French comics’ market on the Stellaria book (by Natacha Godeau) and she’s also illustrated all kinds of books for young readers, like Escuela de Villanos (by Marta Alvarez), Anne of Green Gables (By Lucy Maud Montgomery), the Los Turboskaters saga (by César Fernández, Casandra and Bárbara Balbás), El Retorno a la Isla Blanca (by Laura Gallego) or El Príncipe de la Calamidad (by Blanca Mira, along with Laia López and Miriam Bonastre), among others.


As you may know, cosplay is a key element of Heroes Made in Asia and a large number of our visitors attend the event dressed up as their favorite character form a game, movie, Anime or series. They meet up with other cosplayers during the Cosplay Catwalk and Cosplay Contest. At Heroes Made in Asia you can also meet other cosplayers like the cosplay judges from all over the world. These artists have earned their stripes in cosplay already. You’ll get the chance to meet them personally!

CaptainGhostly | Cosplay Judge

Meet Captainghostly, an international Cosplayer and prop maker based in Belgium. He is an enthusiastic explorer of novel materials, techniques and approaches to elevate his creations. Following on that, he introduced several new materials in the cosplay world together with where he is a manager.

CaptainGhostly loves giving workshops filled with practical tips and tricks to help others learn and grow in their own crafting journeys.

CaptainGhostly has had the privilege of guesting over 60 times all around the world and judged international cosplay finals. His work has even been featured in the “cool japan” exhibition at one of Belgium’s largest museums. His ultimate goal is to use his presence to inspire others, sharing knowledge and being a positive influence in the community

Maolo Cosplay | Cosplay Judge

Maolo is a Hong Konger Cosplayer, costume and prop enthusiast living in Germany. Maolo has been Cosplaying since 2008 and is known for his Cosplays of the Evangelion units and other creatures.

He specializes in building detailed and elaborate Cosplays that retain the feel of the original with a personal artistic touch. With his Hong Kong background, Maolo is familiar with Asian cosplay culture and techniques and now combines them with European Cosplay art.

Feel free to come to Maolo’s stand and discuss everything cosplay!

Sayuri | Cosplay Judge

”Hello Heroes Made in Asia Fans! I’m excited to share that I’ll be at the upcoming convention, and I can’t wait to meet all of you there! I’m an Austrian Cosplayer since 2010 and I’ve poured my heart into bringing characters to life, especially from the Monster Hunter universe.

Let’s make unforgettable memories together – I’m looking forward chatting with you and having a blast at the convention. See you there!”.

Dobicos | Cosplay Host

“Hi everybody! My name is Dobi, also known as Dobicos online. I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be on stage as the Host for this edition! I’ve been active in the Cosplay scene for 6 years now. It’s fantastic to be able to make this edition a lot of fun with the community. I create all my Cosplays myself, so I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful work on the catwalk and in the competition!

Be sure to stop by for a chat and ask questions when I’m not on stage. I have a lot of experience with sewing, and I also know quite a bit about props, makeup, electronics, and recently, 3-D modeling.

I also really enjoy discussing other people’s experiences with these topics, so be sure to find me! I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to see you all on February 24 & 25!”

Desca | Cosplay Host

From stand-up comedy to live concerts, Desca has been enjoying Cosplaying for 6 years. She has a great passion for videography and loves bringing characters and scenes to life. Now, alongside Cosplay, she has found a second passion: livestreaming on Twitch!

Having attended conventions all over the world, she still takes the most pride in conventions on home soil and strives to make every event a beautiful memory.

The show will, a lá Saku, once again be a show to never forget! 😄🎤

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