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Special Guests

Meet voice actors from your favorite Anime, movies or series at Heroes Made in Asia! At every edition several Special Guests are eager to meet you. Immortalise your meeting with them by buying a photo or autograph in the Guest Area. Attend one of the Q&A panels at the Main Stage and ask your burning questions.

Cristina Vee Valenzuela

Cristina is an experienced voice actress from Los Angeles. She is best known for her role as;

🎇 Bennett en Xingqiu | Genshin Impact
🐞 Ladybug | Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
🌙 Sailor Mars | Sailor Moon
🟢 Green | Pokémon franchise
⚫ Marnie | Pokémon Masters
🐷 Hawk | Seven Deadly Sins
🔵 Matatabi | Naruto
🎮 Riven | League of Legends
🥊 Ibuki en Enero | Street Fighter V
🔴 Cinque | Final Fantasy Type-0
⚡ Killua Zoldyck | Hunter x Hunter

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Meet famous Artists from all over the world at Heroes Made in Asia. You can also sign your favorite comic, artwork or book by them.

Gecko Chan

Meritxell Garcia is an experienced and versatile Art Director with a background in both Graphic Design and Illustration. Originally from Barcelona, she honed her skills in the fast-paced advertising and graphic design industry for more than 15 years before making the switch to her passion, Concept Art and Illustration.

After that decision, during these last 6 years, she made an impressive portfolio having worked as an Illustrator and Concept Artist in different industries such as videogames companies, animation studios, advertising and also being part of the teaching staff of Escola Joso (School Art) from Barcelona. She also has published and collaborated in several books (Editorial el Pirata, Norma editorial, Planeta comic, Salvat) as well as an author in the popular comedy webtoon, “Gecko Chan”, using her strong sense of design and ability to bring characters and worlds to life.

Xulia Vicente

Xulia Vicente is a comic artist and illustrator from the Spanish region of Galicia. She moves to Valencia to study a degree in Fine Arts and shortly after starts publishing comic books, like Duerme Pueblo, with Núria Tamarit, and Sello de Dragón, written by Manuel Gutiérrez. This last one is actually a trilogy, with parts 1 and 2 already published and a third one currently in production.

Xulia’s comics so far have had Spanish and French releases, with the exception of her latest work, I see a Knight, published recently by Shortbox in both English and Spanish. Xulia keeps working in comic projects while doing freelance illustration work and collaborations on anthologies and zines. Her main interest is narrative work, being raised in comics from an early age and with a wide range of influences from different comic industries.

Sara Soler

Sara Soler (Barbastro, 1992) studies fine arts and then the art graphic course at Joso’s Art School. There, she developed her passion for comics and started publishing on several fanzines. She’s also worked as wardrobe and set designer, and storyboard artist for animation, among other things. After her frist published work, Red & Blue, she worked on Planeta Manga, published the book “In Darkness” and worked on Dr. Horrible: Best friends forever, and Plants Vs Zombies: A little problem, both for Dark Horse Comics. Her 22 page fanzine US received several awards between 2019 and 2020. The next year Us became a 144 page Graphic Novel in full color. It’ll be published internationally in the near future. At the same time Oni Press starts publishing Season of the Bruja, a 5-issue miniseries written by Aaron Duran. In that series, which has recently been collected as a single volume, Sara not only pencils and inks, she’s also the color artist.

To this day, she keeps working simultaneously for national and international markets and she teaches comics and manga at Joso’s Art School.


As you may know, cosplay is a key element of Heroes Made in Asia and a large number of our visitors attend the event dressed up as their favorite character form a game, movie, Anime or series. They meet up with other cosplayers during the Cosplay Catwalk and Cosplay Contest. At Heroes Made in Asia you can also meet other cosplayers like the cosplay judges from all over the world. These artists have earned their stripes in cosplay already. You’ll get the chance to meet them personally!

Sakuraflor | Cosplay Host | Cosplay Contest & Cosplay Catwalk

We are delighted to welcome Sakuraflor to Heroes Made in Asia! Sakuraflor is a Cosplayer/Influencer from the Netherlands with Spanish roots.

She has been Cosplaying since 2014 and what started off as a fun hobby has now turned into a full-time job. During her journey as a Cosplayer/Influencer she has had the pleasure of working with companies like: Blizzard, Riot Games, Bethesda, Netflix, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Coca-Cola and many more!

Nomes Cosplay | Be More Shonen | Cosplay Judge

Nomes is a Cosplay veteran of 12 years from the United Kingdom (UK). She has represented the UK in a plethora of world class cosplay contests most notably finishing 3rd at the World Cosplay Summit in 2021 and placing 1st at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup finals in 2022 inning occasions with her other half, BeMoreShonen.

Nomes loves to take a character design and add her own creative customisations to the costume based on her interpretation of the character’s personality, lifestyle and surroundings. She is passionate about sharing knowledge; text, picture and video tutorials as well as cosplay-related social and historical discussions all freely available on her social media platforms.

Chris Minney | Be More Shonen | Cosplay Judge

Chris Minney is the anime fitness coach! Here’s a little about him:

  • He’s a competitive Cosplayer representing the U.K with his other half Nomes Cosplay (WCS 18/21 & C4 )
  • He’s a world record holding speed eater! (Both chicken nugget related!)
  • He’s an international cosplay judge appearing in many countries!
  • He’s an ABPU powerlifter with a peak 480kg total

Chris Minney documents his anime inspired life on social media. His username ‘Be More Shonen’ is a mantra for anime fans, a mantra that embodies those epic anime stories that we all love. It’s his mission to combine those stories with tested mindset principles, proven exercise science, and a no nonsense approach to nutrition to create real life super heroes (or villains!)

Pinyamiu | Cosplay Judge

”Hello! I am Pinja aka Pinyamiu. I am a full time designer here in Finland and also award winning Cosplayer!

When I’m judging cosplay competitions, I focus on the material, seams and fitting.
I have been cosplaying since I was a teenager and even won several cosplay competitions and represented Finland around the world!

I’m exited to meet everyone and feel free to come say hi!.”

Moemoefever | Cosplay Judge

”My name is Moemoefever but you can call me Veera! I’m a Cosplayer from Finland. I’ve been doing Cosplaying for over 10 years, and I’m representing Finland this year for World Cosplay Summit alongside my partner.

I’m a seamstress and a designer by profession and crafting Cosplays from secondhand materials is my favorite thing to do! I can’t wait to meet all of you!” 


Meet populair streamers, challenge professional esports players, participate in the esports tournaments and meet other gamers at Heroes Made in Asia. GLHF!

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