Meet your heroes at Heroes made in asia


Veronica Taylor

We are delighted to welcome a very special guest this edition of Heroes Made in Asia. We are of course talking about Veronica Taylor! She is an American voiceactress who has brought many characters in kids shows and anime to life with her voice. 

The role she is most well-known for is being the voice of Ash Ketchum, the main character in the Pokemon series. Ash Ketchum is a ten year old boy who only has one goal: He Gotta Catch ‘Em All! His dream is to catch every pokemon out there and be the best pokemon trainer in the world.



Sakuraflor will be presented at Heroes Made in Asia. She is a Cosplayer/Influencer from the Netherlands with Spanish roots! She has been cosplaying since 2014. Cosplay is much broader than most people realise and her goal is to show the world, what cosplayers are capable of. 

She will be one of the judges at the cosplay competition!

Leon Chiro

The first international jury member to be announced for the Cosplay Contest is … @leonchiro 

Leon Chiro is a professional Cosplayer, comes from Italy and likes crockery in his spare time. In addition, he can often be found as a streamer on Twitch.

Tindaro Idotta

Cosplay Judge during Heroes Made in Asia. Taryn Cosplay will come and judge your cosplays during the Cosplay Contest.

Taryn is a professional Italian cosplayer and has been making his own cosplays since 2016. He has won many awards. He likes to stream and is often active on Twitch.

Team Imonee

Team ImoNee consists of the two skilled ladies Lia and Mitan, two sisters with a great love for cosplay. They often cosplay together and regularly participate in international competitions.

In 2018 they won the German representatives for the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in the Netherlands and they are the current representatives for Germany in the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) in Nagoya, Japan whose final will take place again in 2022



This cheerfull streamer is also present this edition of Heroes Made in Asia. Overwatch, The Evil Within, Marbles on Stream and Genshin Impact are all games she loves to play. Her channel is all about her community and virtues like positivity and motivation. 

She is also a proud catmom of her two cats Luna & Eevee so come by her spot to ask for some cute cat pictures and of course to talk about Gaming! 


#1 Pokémon streamer and ex-esporter Monkeloid will be present in the Guest Area during Heroes Made in Asia. 

Stop by the Guest Area and meet Monkeloid and score an autograph! 


Twitch streamer Madestout can be found at the Guest Area with a Polaroid camera! Come by to collect a nice photo of an autograph.

You can ask her anything related to gaming, tech and streaming!

comic artists

Sandra Diaz

Sandra Diaz is a manga artist from Barcelona, Spain. She has studied graphic design at the Joso art academy in Barcelona. In 2016 she began with the Supersonic Girl comic, which has been published worldwide on the WEBTOON platform.

At this moment she’s working on Mikkoo y el Cinturó Magic, a comic that will be published by Norma Editorial next year.

Rafa Barragán

Rafa Barragán is a manga artist born in Barcelona, Spain. He has studied at an art academy specialized in comics, Joso Comic School. His first official job was coloring in the comics Freelancers for WP Comics.

After this he has worked a lot as an artist for Spanish films, web series and comics like Neus Snow y Wilder Soldier (Sale Mal).

Nowadays he’s working on Mikoo y el Cinturó magic for Norma Editorial.

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