K-pop hEROES

K-pop Heroes

Do you want to improve your K-pop choreography? Or go wild with other K-pop fans? Show off your dance moves in the K-pop Heroes Area at Heroes Made in Asia!

Are you a K-pop dancer or are you still looking for tips & tricks? Make sure you’re there during Heroes Made in Asia! Our K-pop workshops can be found in our ‘K-pop Heroes Area’.

We will organize some K-pop Random Play Dance’s. Those are a mix of various K-pop dances, both old and new, stitched together and played out loud. Everyone can join the challenge and find a spot to participate. Listen your favorite music and dance along! If you know the song, get up, dance and perform!

K-pop dance workshops | K-Motion

📍 K-Pop Heroes Area

Random play dances | mirror crew and kpopdaebaknl

📍 K-Pop Heroes Area
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