Heroes Made in Asia is the place to be to meet new people!

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Heroes Made in Asia is the place to be to meet up with others. Is anime your thing? Then you could bring a visit to the Dutch Anime Community and discuss with others why Naruto is the most favorite anime. Is gaming more your thing? Challenge others to a Mario Kart battle! Or perhaps you’re always thinking about who you are going to cosplay next and you want make costumes yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of others who would like to learn more about this as well. You’ll feel at home being a fan at this Asian themed con. Every fandom is welcomed here with open arms! Curious about who you could run into at Heroes Made in Asia? Take a look at the fanclubs below who will be present at Made in Asia. 

Cosplay Medics
It’s so much fun to make a cosplay all by yourself. And you are very proud of your hard work, but OH NO! Your outfit is falling apart during the con! All this while you were so sure that the hot glue gun should have gotten the job done. But don’t panic, The Cosplay Medics are here to save the day! They will be present during the con to help every cosplay with reparing their outfit and props. That way, everyone can still shine in their own cosplay outfit, knowing it is fixed and secure.

Club Weeb
Club Weeb is a special fanclub. Club Weeb is an online magazine for weebs, made by weebs. Want to follow the latest news concerning Japanese pop culture? Then you should absolutely visit their website. From obscure anime reviews and elaborate convention reports to articles about must-see hotspots for the Dutch weebs…Club Weeb has it all!

Club Weebs isn’t only present at our con this edition, but they are also throwing an amazing silent disco party! The best anime tunes are being played non-stop for over 8 hours. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Hatsune Miku, Maximum the Hormone: You name it, they got it! But that’s not the only thing the boys are planning to do.

Naturally, it is a pretty big challenge to play these tunes for 8 hours per day, two days long, but we want to make it ourselves a little bit more difficult. For this reason, we’ve made up a “challenge list” that we will hang outside our booth. Many challenges can be found on this list that we will try and do while playing the music. Chugging down sake shots, eating unworldly hot peppers, and even putting on a maid costume is part of this list. There’s a good chance that we will be completely worn out at the end of the weekend and that is precisely wants we want to do to entertain you! »

So don’t forget to swing by the silent disco to swing along with the happy-go-lucky anime tunes!

Dutch Anime Community 
Dutch Anime Community will be present at Heroes Made in Asia. Stop by their stand to chat, chill and of course meet other members of the community and discover the event together!  Dutch Anime is the community where you can share and discuss everything about Manga, Anime, Games, Cosplay, Japanese and Korean culture.


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