cosplay contest

cosplay contest

Admire all the beautiful Asian-themed Cosplayers during the Cosplay Contest on the Main Stage or participate yourself!

Cosplayers will be trying their best to impress the jury with their stunning outfits and spectacular performances. They will show all their skills and homemade cosplay outfits on the Main Stage to win great prizes.

Be sure to check out the Main Stage and encourage your favorite cosplayers!

The Cosplay Contest is powered by Hype Creations.

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a shortened form of two words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. It is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplay costumes are often based on comics, manga, anime, cartoons, video games, movies and tv-series.   

Participate in the cosplay contest?

Show the audience what you’ve got and grab your moment to shine on the Main Stage of Heroes Made in Asia! Sign up for the Cosplay Contest and compete with the best cosplayers of the Netherlands and even from abroad. Participating is definitely not just for the honor, because the total prize pool is € 1.750,-. Before, during and after the Cosplay Contest, the participants will be judged by a professional jury with famous cosplayers. Good luck to all participants!

Registrations for the Cosplay Contest are closed!


Important information for participants of the Cosplay Contest:

  • Registrations for the Cosplay Contest are open towards September 17.
  • In the Cosplay Contest, your character must originate from Anime, Manga, Games or pop culture from Asian origin. 
  • Outfits must not be obscene or offensive, incite hatred or provoke. Nudes are also not allowed. Outfits must sufficiently cover the body. After all, there are also children present. This rule applies to all visitors of Heroes Made in Asia.
  • All participants for a solo act must perform an act of maximum 90 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes for a duo act.
  • Both your act and your outfits will be judged by the jury. Both elements are equally important.
  • The costumes must be homemade. Modified parts are allowed, but the costume may not be purchased complete. Participants can indicate during the pre-selection which parts are completely homemade.
  • Genderbend cosplay is possible, but it is important that the outfit portrays the character as truthfully as possible.
  • A host on stage will ask you a few questions.
  • You can win prizes in different categories, but you can’t register for one specific category.
  • The Cosplay Contest will take place on Saturday only. 



Cosplay Contest (Saturday):

  • 1st prize: € 1.000,-
  • 2nd prize: € 500,-
  • 3rd prize: € 250,-


Please check the Cosplay FAQ. Can’t find you question and answer? You can also ask you questions in this Facebook group.




Sakuraflor will be presented at Heroes Made in Asia. She is a Cosplayer/Influencer from the Netherlands with Spanish roots! She has been cosplaying since 2014. Cosplay is much broader than most people realise and her goal is to show the world, what cosplayers are capable of. 

She will be one of the judges at the cosplay competition!

Leon Chiro

The first international jury member to be announced for the Cosplay Contest is … @leonchiro 

Leon Chiro is a professional Cosplayer, comes from Italy and likes crockery in his spare time. In addition, he can often be found as a streamer on Twitch.

Tindaro Idotta

Cosplay Judge during Heroes Made in Asia. Taryn Cosplay will come and judge your cosplays during the Cosplay Contest.

Taryn is a professional Italian cosplayer and has been making his own cosplays since 2016. He has won many awards. He likes to stream and is often active on Twitch.

Team Imonee

Team ImoNee consists of the two skilled ladies Lia and Mitan, two sisters with a great love for cosplay. They often cosplay together and regularly participate in international competitions.

In 2018 they won the German representatives for the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in the Netherlands and they are the current representatives for Germany in the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) in Nagoya, Japan whose final will take place again in 2022

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