Heroes Workshops

Heroes Workshops

Immerse yourself in the Asian culture in the Heroes Workshops area through the many available workshops! Take part in an actual Japanese Tea Ceremony, create the most beautiful shapes with origami and learn how to write your own name in Japanese!

Japanese Calligraphy

During Heroes Made in Asia, a college area will be set up, an area where you can learn everything about Asia. One of the items is learning to write Japanese Calligraphy, also called shūji.

Manga Workshop

Have you always wanted to draw a manga, but have no idea where to start? During Tokyo Doll's workshop “Drawing Manga for Beginners” you will learn how to draw a face in manga style!

Workshop Origami

A 1000 Cranes will provide an Origami workshop during Heroes Made in Asia, during this workshop they will teach you everything about folding origami.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience a real Japanese Tea Ceremony. Also called Tja-no-joe or Cha-no-yu, it is a Japanese tradition where drinking tea has been made an art form. A great experience!

Workshop japanese language

Always wanted to get acquainted with the Japanese language and learn the first words? Then join this workshop given by Tripdriver.

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