Just Dance – show your moves!


When you take a stroll through the game area, you’ll definitely run into the Just Dance Caravan from META. As you might expect, this is the place where you can play Just Dance!

This dance game by Ubisoft will keep you moving and exercising without any need to leave your house. Besides that it’s also loads of fun to play! It contains numbers from different genres and dances from different styles. There’s something for everyone.

The game is also very accessible. There’s no need for you to be a dancer with years of experience to enjoy this game properly, there are dances in different difficulties. So don’t let anything keep you back and stop by the Just Dance Caravan! Let’s get the party started!

Besides “just” playing the game, there’s also the possibility that you can qualify for the finals at Heroes Dutch Comic Con! Made in Asia happens to be one of the locations where the Qualifiers for the Just Dance Championship in the Netherlands take place.

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