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We are happy to anounce that HADO NL will be part of Heroes Made in Asia. HADO is a unique, accessible and fun way to combine sports and gaming in a high energy 3 vs 3 tactical dodgeball style battle.

HADO is the world’s first techno sport which combines sport and gaming using augmented reality (AR) technology and creates a whole new dimension to the world of sports as we know it

It is a unique sport that can be played by anyone, young or old, able or physically challenged. It can be played just for fun and at a competitive level

HADO uses AR technology to project a layer on top of the real world as opposed to Virtual Reality which creates a fully digital world

In HADO players can actually see their real world surroundings and move freely without being tied to a gaming system, controllers, or cables, while interacting with the digital items they can see through the AR headset.

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