Artist Alley

Meet theSE artists at Heroes Made in Asia

An essential part of Heroes Made in Asia is the Artist Alley. Here you will meet a lot of talented creative artists who display their arts on the spot.  Of course, there is also the possibility to purchase unique and exclusive items. Visiting the Artist Alley is actually a must. Take a look at the artist list! 

Stand Name
A23A Sema Art
A25a JustUsArtTreasures
A26a Stained Glass Geek
A26b Lytsepoekie
A27A Rebelyells Design
A28A ArtsicFox
A29a Simp and stuff
A29B The Dicey Merchant
A30b Barque Stellar
A32a Fairy Forest Crafts NL
A32b Kukupin
A34b NeenzKawaiiShop
A36a Acid Burritos
A38a Lisanne Adams
A38b Cryiingconfetti
B26A Magic&Books
B26b Zhangah Studio
B27a Alissart
B27b KillVannah
B28a Jane Nevermore
B28b MelonoSellsArt
B29a Femke Janssen
B29b Agonyflower
B30a Bumblefly Jazz
B30b Featheryone
B31A MysticalScribbles
B31B StudioVlinderdas
B32A Arctis Ira
B32b Creakitty
B33a Roundbirbart
B33b SwanSong
B34A Leon Römer
B35 ab CutieSquad
B36a Pertaret
B36b Kurosagari
B38a Jinxedarts
C27b SuzesMore
C29a Lovevamps Creations
C29b Agata Plank
C31a Webbelart
C31b ChiaraViviana
C33A Sweet Little Living
C33b Art of Xodosch
C35b Knightjj
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