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Meet the artists at Heroes Made in Asia

An essential part of Heroes Made in Asia is the Artist Alley.  Here you will meet a  lot of talented creative artists who display their arts on the spot.  Of course, there is also the possibility to purchase unique and exclusive items. Visiting the artist alley is actually a must. Take a look at the artist list! 

1. AnnaDrawsStuff – stand T05
My name is Anna, I am a Dutch illustrator and convention artist 🙂 I sell both fan art and original illustrations, with a focus on character design. Outside of my more fancy illustrations I like to draw cute animals with a twist!

2. Astermorn – stand T37
Illustrator and concept artist from the Netherlands.

3. Cryzalis – stand c07
Designer and maker of leather masks and accessories, original designs with the addition of some special items made for Comic Con

4. Cutie Squad – stand T25
Are you in need of an adorable superhero who is ready to save your day?
A superhero ready to make you smile and remind you how to have THE most fun! Look no further! No matter who you are and where you are from, the CutieSquad got you covered.

5. Jasmijnevt & Adorablyfond – stand T09
jasmijnevt is an illustrator from the Netherlands. She specializes in anime and kpop related drawings. Jasmijnevt is currently working on her first webtoon that may be published next year (2021).

6. Little Ruby Rue en Purico – stand T43
Little Ruby Rue and Purico are a fun couple who love bright colors! whether you are a fan of cute girls or sexy bara’s we have a wide range of fan work and original prints, keychains, mugs, pins and buttons!

8. Rebelyells- stand T13
At Rebelyells you can find fun illustrations of 80’s toys, fan art, cute animals and lots of magic & hocus pocus. These illustrations come in the form of beautiful prints, stickers, key chains and pins. Some illustrations are inspired by tattoo designs, while others are kawaii-inspired.

6. Sema Art – stand T31
Sema Art draws well-known anime characters and also streams on Twitch (

9. Studio Vlinderdas- stand T11
StudioVlinderdas is a small illustration agency, which consists of one person with the help of varying artists. I am mainly focused on making Fantasy themed illustrations and producing Pop-culture products.

10. Violet Jim Art – stand D17
DO YOU LIKE CORGI’S? DO YOU LIKE CUTE? Don’t be shy and come say hi! I have tons of cozy, illustrated stationery and handmade gifts. From colorful stickers to keychains and art prints. All with original and adorable characters who are excited to meet you!

11. Rebelke Illustrations & FelineTriesArt – stand T24
Hi! I’m Rebelke, and I make Illustrations, stickers and buttons of different subjects! These Topics are puns, nerdy stuff and LGBT+ themes. Come see it! Hello! I’m Feline from FelineTriesArt. I like to make colorful illustrations, stickers, buttons and other things from series and games! Feel free to stop by and see if there’s anything for you 🙂

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