Program of Heroes Made in Asia

What can you expect? An event and a place to meet for everyone who loves the Asian pop culture. Whether you are looking for merchandise, love anime or manga, want to watch a cosplay show or want to play videogames: You can do it all at Heroes Made in Asia. 

Below are the first announcements of Heroes Made in Asia 2021. Stay tuned for more!

Japanese Calligraphy

During Heroes Made in Asia, a college area will be set up, an area where you can learn everything about Asia. One of the items is learning to write Japanese Calligraphy, also called shūji. Learn how to write your name in Japanese.

Learn Japanese and Korean

Education First will be present during Heroes Made in Asia! During the event they can tell you everything about language trips to Japan and Korea and they give a workshop where you learn to speak a few words in Korean and Japanese.

Workshop Gunpla constructions

Fan of Gunpla or always wanted to try to build gunpla? Lucky you! Because Side7 will be present at Heroes Made in Asia with the coolest Gunpla constructions. Side7 will even introduce a new way to paint during Heroes Made in Asia to upgrade your building skills!

Maid and Butler Cafe

Maid and Butler cafe is a Japaneses-style cafe where waiters dress as butlers and waitresses dressed in cute maid costumes.

Workshop Origami

A 1000 Cranes will provide an Origami workshop during Heroes Made in Asia, during this workshop they will teach you everything about folding origami.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience a real Japanese Tea Ceremony. Also called Tja-no-joe or Cha-no-yu, it is a Japanese tradition where drinking tea has been made an art form. A great experience!

Deshima sounds - Clubbing Japanse Style 

Deshima sounds will provide a Para Para workshop where you are able to learn the best Para Para moves. Para Para is a synchronized dance that is originated in Japan. There are specific synchronized movements for each song. Show your best moves!

Asian foodcourt

Imagine yourself in an Asian world through the smell of freshly prepared sushi, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori and enjoy a delicious Bubbletea and have Japanese sweets for dessert! The place to be if you love Asian food! 

Para para workshop

Deshima sounds will provide a Para Para workshop where you can learn the best Para Para moves. Para Para is a synchronized dance that originated in Japan. Each song has its own kind of dance.


One of the most popular activities in Asia, something that can't be missed at Heroes Made in Asia, Karaoke! This is your time to shine. We can't wait to perform with you! 

Cosplay Catwalk

Admire all the beautiful Cosplayers during the Cosplay Catwalk on the Main Stage or participate in the show by yourself. The Cosplay Catwalk takes place before the ‘big’ Cosplay Contest. In this stage program, cosplayers show their outfit to the audience in an accessible and accessible way. Cosplayers will be on stage for a short moment and will do a so called walk on – walk off. In this way the participants rotate on stage to show their cosplay. The Cosplay Contest is powered by Hype Creations.

Cosplay contest

Admire all the beautiful Asian-themed Cosplayers during the Cosplay Contest on the Main Stage or participate yourself! Cosplayers will be trying their best to impress the jury with their stunning outfits and spectacular performances. They will show all their skills and homemade cosplay outfits on the Main Stage to win great prizes. Be sure to check out the Main Stage and encourage your favorite cosplayers! The Cosplay Contest is powered by Hype Creations.

Kpop Dance Competition

Do you want to dance on the mainstage of Heroes Made in Asia? Send in a video with your friends or alone of your best dance choreography of your favourite Kpop song. Only four finalists will be picked to battle on the mainstage for the Kpop dance trophy of 2021. Do you have what it takes?

Foundation Yushinkan - Workshop Iaido & Kendo

Have you always wanted to experience what it is like to perform a traditional Asian sword spot? The Yushinkan foundation provides worksops in the classical sword art; Iaido and the Japanese martial art; Kendo. We dare you!
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