No Asian con without manga

Looking for Manga, Manhwa or Manhua or something else? Come and find out, because manga is the beating heart of Heroes Made in Asia.


Manga workshop

Have you always wanted to draw a manga, but have no idea where to start? During Tokyo Doll's workshop “Drawing Manga for Beginners” you will learn how to draw a face in manga style!

Manga artists

Sandra Diaz

Sandra Diaz is a manga artist from Barcelona, Spain. She has studied graphic design at the Joso art academy in Barcelona. In 2016 she began with the Supersonic Girl comic, which has been published worldwide on the WEBTOON platform.

At this moment she’s working on Mikkoo y el Cinturó Magic, a comic that will be published by Norma Editorial next year.

Rafa Barragán

Rafa Barragán is a manga artist born in Barcelona, Spain. He has studied at an art academy specialized in comics, Joso Comic School. His first official job was coloring in the comics Freelancers for WP Comics.

After this he has worked a lot as an artist for Spanish films, web series and comics like Neus Snow y Wilder Soldier (Sale Mal).

Nowadays he’s working on Mikoo y el Cinturó magic for Norma Editorial.

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