Food Market

Food market

Dive into a different world when you visit the Food Market. Take in the rich aromas of the fresh products that are being prepared; Let your eyes wander over all the colorful dishes and taste the flavors of different cultures! The Food Market at Heroes Made in Asia has a lot to offer for the real foodies and everyone who enjoys tasty dishes and drinks! Curious about what you’ll find on the Food Market? We’ve listed a few of the treats that are being sold at Heroes Made in Asia below.

Please note; the Food Market is pin only!


You’re probably familiar with this popular Japanese street food: Takoyaki! This savory pancake-like snacks are crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside and royally filled with “tako” which is octopus. Try to keep your tentacles away from this tasty goodness!


You've probably seen or eaten it before! Gyoza are Japanese dumplings, which are small filled dough packets. Often there is a meat and / or cabbage filling here. Gyoza can be boiled, steamed or fried but usually it is first baked in a frying pan. Then they add moisture and put the lid on the pan. In this way they are steamed as well.


A Japanese fair wouldn’t be complete without Taiyaki. What is Taiyaki you’re wondering? Taiyaki are delicious stuffed pancakes in the shape of a fish. These fishes have been a part of Japanese street food for years. The fishes are stuffed with read bean paste, pudding or chocolate. How could you possibly say no tot his one?


If you watch anime you probably seen these before! Onigiri are triangles, balls or slices of compressed boiled rice with salt and other spices. Sometimes there is also a filling of meat, fish or vegetables in this.


Tteokbokki is a spicy Korean snack that is especially popular among students. It is made with Tteok (rice cake) and Gochujang, a spicy Korean pasta or sauce.


Yakisoba is a noodle dish with slices of (pork) meat or shrimp and mixed vegetables in a yakisoba sauce. It is the Japanese version of the Chinese Chow Mein.


If you've ever had a Korean dish you probably ate this as well. Kimchi is a Korean side dish that consists of pickled vegetables. It has a fresh-sour taste, cabbage or rettich are often used for this.


This dish is also known as the Japanese pizza, even though it may look more like a pancake or tortilla. There are of course a number of basic ingredients: strips of sliced cabbage, Okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayo. But because Okonomiyaki literally means 'grilled the way you want it' you can choose what other ingredients you'd like on it.


Gimbap is a Korean snack that looks like sushi. The standard ingredients are the rice and seaweed and the filling differed. Gimbap is often eaten during a picnic or other outdoor activities.
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