One day of a VIP ticket holder


For our biggest fans we offer our VIP tickets for Heroes Made in Asia. The VIP ticket comes with many extras to make your day complete! This is what a day would look like if you’re an owner of a VIP ticket.

Arriving early 
You’re arriving at the venue early. Looking on your watch you realise the time is 9:00 am. Aren’t you too early? Wasn’t 10:00 am the opening time of Heroes Made in Asia? As a VIP you will get early access to the event! 

VIP entrance + goodiebag
You are free to enter the building through the special VIP entrance and you’re excited by the fact that you’ll be one of the few to enter the Heroes Made in Asia area this early. You think by yourself: “Yes, now is my time to stock up on all the goodies at the merchandise stands before anyone else can.”

Feeling assured, you walk in via the VIP entrance and before you even noticed, you get a full goodiebag stuffed into your hands. Peeking inside, you see a lot of nice exclusive goodies and you notice a voucher that you can use to buy a snack at the Asian Food Market, wow lucky! You decide to leave the goodiebag for what is is and carefully you step on the escalators to ascend to Heroes Made in Asia.

A nice beginning of the day 
Having arrived at the top, you immediately spot the VIP lounge. Being tired from your journey through the venue you decide to stop by for a bit. With a nice hot cup of coffee you explore the VIP lounge area. After relaxing at the lounge, you feel fully energized to start the day!

Walking into the event, you’re fully enticed by the sweet aromas coming towards you. You discover that the wonderful smell comes from the Asian Food Market. All this brings up a healthy appetite so you decide
it’s time for a snack. Using the voucher that you found in your goodiebag, you buy a chocolate stuffed Dorayaki. 

Program at Heroes Made in Asia
The time has come to visit one of the shows at Main Stage. But oh my, it is getting busy in there! You begin the sweat thinking about how you’ll ever manage to get a spot in here. But you suddenly recall that VIP ticket holders have a spot reserved for them at the front two rows, pfew! You sit down to enjoy the show.

After the show is finished, you roam around the big hall some more. You admire the skilled artists at the Artist Alley, you drop in for a Mario Kart match with some others and you are not afraid to show some of your dancemoves
during the silent disco. But having fun can be quite tiresome! Your legs are beginning to feel a bit heavy and they are telling you that it is time for a well deserved break, so off to the VIP lounge you go.

Relax at the VIP lounge 
The VIP Lounge area is the perfect place to rest your legs and enjoy a free bite and a refreshing drink. You feel the energy flowing through your body again and you are ready to enjoy the rest of the day to its fullest!

Looking back on a fantastic day 
After a great day you walk to the exit with your free water bottle in your hand. The nice lady at the check-out hands you your free parking ticket because VIP ticket holders don’t have to pay for parking. Without a care in the world you step into your car. Sitting there in silence you’re letting the many experiences and new made memories sink in. This was the best day ever

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