TARYN Cosplay Judge at Heroes Made in Asia


The second international judge for Made in Asia’s Cosplay Contest is Taryn! Taryn is a professional cosplayer from Italy too and has been making his own cosplays, in which he puts a lot of effort using different materials and techniques, since 2016. And his efforts have not been fruitless. Taryn too has won many prizes with his cosplays at big events in Europe. His cosplays can be admired on his Instagram, Reddit and Facebook pages.

Taryn is also a livestreamer on Twitch, where he chats with his viewers and plays games, a model and a performer. Besides his passion for Japanese Anime, games and art, his passion also extends to sports like fitness, bodybuilding and martial arts. These days Taryn works together with brands like Ubisoft, League of Legends, Bandai Namco and Cd Project Red.

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The Cosplay Contest took place on the Saturday of Heroes Made in Asia. From all participants, a top 3 was chosen by our Cosplay jury. Are you curious who won the Cosplay Contest?

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