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Masterclass: Kintsugi – Het Kintsugi Atelier

Kintsugi means ‘the golden reconnection.’ Discover the enchanting world of Kintsugi, a beautiful Japanese art form where broken porcelain is repaired with a golden touch. Immerse yourself in this unique workshop full of creativity and sustainability, celebrating perfection in imperfection. Your fractures and imperfections are meant to be seen and even adorned with a golden edge.

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Masterclass Wounds & Bruises – My Lumen Art

Are you ready for a class filled with “tips & tricks” on how to create some very realistic fake wounds and injuries? We will be using a beautiful range of professional makeup and body art supplies to achieve a 3D look without even having to apply prosthetics.

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Sara Lozoya is coming to HMIA!

Sara Lozoya was born in Madrid in 1996. She’s been drawing for as long as she can remember, be it on notebooks or school tables, but despite the fact she’s always known she wanted to work on illustration, she’s never gone to art school.

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Cosplay Judge announcement: CaptainGhostly

Meet CaptainGhostly, an international Cosplayer and prop maker based in Belgium. He is an  enthusiastic explorer of novel materials, techniques and approaches to elevate his creations.  Following on that, he introduced several new materials in the cosplay world together with where he is a manager.

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Paula Aranega will join us during HMIA!

Paula Aranega is an illustrator whose professional journey began with a love for bringing stories to life, creating book covers, illustrations for children’s books, and imparting art lessons to youngsters. Over time, She also ventured into the realm of translating comics, bridging the linguistic gaps between Korean, Spanish, and English.

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