Do you want to learn iaido and kendo?


The Active Heroes area at Heroes Made in Asia is all about exercise and Asian martial arts! Do you want to learn iaido and kendo? Make sure to stop by the Active Heroes area and take part in the workshops by Foundation Yushinkan from Utrecht!

Iaido is the art of drawing the sword fluently. At first you train with bokken (a wooden practice sword), after a while this is replaced by an iaito (a metal practice sword, not sharp) and eventually a shinken (a real sword). At the iaido workshop, you will train with a bokken and learn a complete kata (combat form).

Kendo can be compared to fencing. Shinai (bamboo practice swords) are used and the aim is to score points by hitting each other on the men (head), do (belly) or kote (wrists). Kendoka are protected by a bogu (armour). At the kendo workshop, you use a shinai. Don’t worry, the only people who get hit are our dojo members in armour. You are the one who hands the punch!

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