Food Friday – Popin’ Cookin’


If you’re a fan of the kawaii side of Japanese culture, then chances are you’ve heard of Kracie brand Popin’ Cookin’ – DIY snack and candy making kits. Because kawaii culture is huge right now, there have been many video tutorials popping up around YouTube that shows people making Popin’ Cookin’, and because of this trend there’s a Popin’ Cookin’ boom on the rise.

Popin’ Cookin’ is a DIY kit that gives you everything you need to make cute, realistic looking (and often realistic tasting!) snacks. From the ingredients to the mixers, all you need at home is some water and a microwave to make these cute treats. A lot of boxes even have paper decorations to make your Popin’ Cookin’ look as authentic as possible. The creator of Popin’ Cookin’ says that he remembers wanting to own a cake shop as a kid, so he made this treat in order to create an easy-to-do experience that everyone can take part in.

Popin’ Cookin’ boxes all come with a plastic tray inside that, when cut down, will contain all the bowls and cups needed for making your candy. They also come with a plastic spoon, so you don’t have to worry about clean up after! The instructions are in Japanese, but the pictures that accompany it help make it simple and easy. As mentioned before, there are also tons of online video tutorials that you can find to walk you through the instructions.

This Food Friday, we decided to try this totally different snack and you can too! Just order the Popin’ Cookin’ kit online (We used the Popin Cookin Taiyaki Odango kit) and follow along with the video and you’ll end up with the smallest, cutest snacks you’ve ever seen! And on top of that, they are very fun to make!

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