Food Friday – Thai Fishcakes with dipping sauce


Are you ready to spend some time in the kitchen to make these delicious Thai fishcakes? 

These fishcakes are easy to make and are an easy way to impress your friends, family or your significant other. Pair them with some rice and veggies for dinner or just combine them with the dipping sauce for a late night snack!



Dipping sauce

120 ml water

4 tbsp vinegar

70 gr white sugar

2 tbsp Thai fisch sauce

1/4 cucumber

1 large red pepper, minced. 

2 tbsp peanuts



500 grams of white fish. Roughly chopped 

1 1/2 tbsp of Thai red Curry paste

1 1/2 tbsp of Thai fish sauce.

1 egg

Bread crumbs

1 red onion. Finely minched

Green beans

Two lemon parts




Dipping sauce

1. Put water, vinegar and sugar in a pot. Let it simmer on low heat and stir occasionally until the sugar is dissolved (approx. 5 minutes). Turn the heat up and let the mixture cook for 5 minutes until the consistency is syrupy.

2. Put the boiled-down liquid into a small bowl. Add the fish sauce, cucumber, red pepper and peanuts. Mix well. And put in the fridge to cool off.


1. Put the fish, Curry paste and egg and bread crumbs in a blender or mixer until it’s smooth.
2. Put the fish mixture in a middle large bowl. Mix in the red onion, green beans and add some salt and pepper to taste. Kneed the fish mixture into 16 even fishcakes.
3. Put in approx. 2 1/2 centimeters of sunflower oil in a wok or cooking pan and heat it up until it reaches 190 degrees. If you don’t have a deep fry thermometer, you can use a little piece of bread to check if the oil is hot enough. If the bread immediately comes floating up and turns golden brown, the oil is ready to use.
4. Fry the fishcakes in portions until they’re done and golden brown (Approx 4 to 5 minutes per portion). Let them drain on some paper towels. 
5. Served the fishcakes while they’re still hot, along with the dipping sauce, spring onions and lemon parts.


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