DIY Paper Bow


This festive DIY Friday is all about how to fold an easy paper bow. You can stick them on presents or use them to decorate the house with!

Although it is not customary to give each other presents on new years eve on most countries, it is very common with Chinese New Year! Chinese new Year takes place a little bit later than ours, on the first of February 2022. Chinese New Year is a time for giving; whether in the form of the popular, traditional red packet filled with money (红包 hóngbāo); or in the form of other presents. 

There are some unwritten rules surrounding giving and receiving gifts on Chinese New year. For example, it best to wrap your presents in red, yellow and gold as they all symbolize wealth and prosperity. It is also advised to receive a present by grabbing it with both hands because it shows respect and appreciation towards the act and the giver.

We should take an example to Chinese New year with the act of giving! Give your loved a present at New years eve tonight and top it off with the cute paper bow! How you can easily fold one yourself can be seen in the video below. 

Happy New Year!


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