These twitch streamers can be found in our Guest Area!


The Guest Area will be filled with serveral Twitch streamers during Heroes Made in Asia. Take a look at this quick sneak peek to see if you can meet up with your favorite streamer! 


#1 Pokémon fan, Twitch streamer and pre-esporter Monkeloid is present in the Guest Area during Heroes Made in Asia. He is mostly populair for streaming Pokémon games like Pokémon Unite and Pokémon Sword/Shield. He also loves opening up Pokémon Trading Cards Packs with his viewers. It is safe to say that you have found your soulmate if you are all about Pokémon, so stop by to have a nice chat and even score a signature!

Follow his channel here:



streamer Madestout can be found in the Guest Area with a polaroid camera! Snap a nice picture with her and ask her all about Gaming ,Tech and Streaming. 
 On Twitch she often plays many different games like New World, Gast Station Simulator and FIFA 21. Of course she also likes to chat with her viewers while playing games. 

Follow her channel here:



This cheerfull streamer is also present this edition of Heroes Made in Asia. Overwatch, The Evil Within, Marbles on Stream and Genshin Impact are all games she loves to play. Her channel is all about her community and virtues like positivity and motivation. 

She is also a proud catmom of her two cats Luna & Eevee so come by her spot to ask for some cute cat pictures and of course to talk about Gaming!

Folow her channel here:


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