Dojo Yushinkan provides iado and Kendo workshops at Heroes Made in Asia


The program of Heroes Made in Asia is starting to be more extensive. We would like to announce a workshop that will be present at Heroes Made in Asia, the dojo Yushinkan from Utrecht! In this article, you can read more about Yushinkan and what you can expect from them at Heroes Made in Asia.

The dojo Yushinkan from Utrecht practices two budo disciplines: iaido and kendo. During Heroes Made in Asia, you can get acquainted with both budo disciplines. Watch the demonstrations and join a workshop, if you dare. 

Are you going to practice the traditional iaido where you will use real katanas? Or will you choose kendo where you will fight in bogu (armor)? Or will you choose both?!

Iaido is the art of drawing the sword fluently. Beginners train with bokken (a wooden practice sword), after a few years of training the bokken is replaced by an iaito (a metal practice sword, not sharp) and eventually, they even train with a shinken (a real sword, sometimes hundreds of years old and razor-sharp). At the iaido workshop, you will train with a bokken and at the end of the workshop, you will know a complete kata (combat form).

Kendo is best compared to European fencing. Shinai (bamboo practice swords) are used and during competitions, the aim is to score points by hitting each other on the men (head), do (belly) or kote (wrists). The kendoka are protected by a bogu (armour). At the kendo workshop, you use a shinai. Don’t worry, the only people who get hit are our dojo members in armour. You are the one who hands the punch!

Is this workshop an activity you don’t want to miss at Heroes Made in Asia? Click on the button below to buy a ticket!

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