A sneak peek of the Artists at Heroes Made in Asia

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Heroes Made in Asia would not be complete without some of the most talented artists present. We want to give you a small sneak peek of two of our artists to prove this.


The first video is from Isabel Baele or better known as Webbelart. On her Etsy shop, she normally sells pins, buttons, sticker, prints and many more. All connected by the theme of Pokémon, dragons, wolves, nature and all sorts of fantasy creatures. For us, she drew an amazing picture that completely shows her style and skills. We are extremely excited to see more of her artwork at Heroes Made in Asia.

Céline Läven

The second video is from Céline Läven. In her Shop, you could find the most beautiful Asian inspired artworks. From drawings to pillows everything is available within her distinctive style.  She created for us the prettiest drawing, which could only make us more excited to go see her at the event.

Do you want to see these amazing artists in real life? Then buy your ticket by clicking on the button below!

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