Which exhibitors will be at the upcoming edition of HMIA?


Which exhibitors can you visit during our next edition?


Cutestuffnl sells a wide range of things that all have one thing in common: cuteness! So there are loads of adorable plushies and pins, as well as functional products like mouse pads, pencil cases, pencils, and water bottles, all with incredibly cute custom prints.

By tamaar health en beauty

By tamaar health en beauty knows everything there is to know about skincare and offers professional treatments for acne, lip marks, and pigmentation spots, among other things, so that genuine beauty may be shown in everyone and skin concerns can be resolved. Tamaar used to suffer from acne, thus it has become her purpose to share her knowledge to assist others who are experiencing similar issues.

De Koekjesroller

De Koekjesroller creates really tasty and intricate personalized cookies for any occasion! Lisa is a true baking genius with a true enthusiasm for highly original decorating and adorning her sweets with texts or entertaining drawings. Lisa’s delectable cookies will satisfy your taste senses during HMIA.

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