Don’t miss these three anime releases


There are as many as thirty new anime shows coming out this fall, both new seasons of existing shows and completely new shows making their debut on the anime scene. We picked three good shows that will be released in the coming months, take a look!

1. The very last episode of Attack on Titan – Season 4 part 3 episode 2

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular and well-known anime shows in the world. There are very few anime shows/movies that have as many fans as Attack on Titan does. The show itself has been around since 2013 and has published a decade’s worth of episodes spread over four seasons since then, but now the end really has come. This fall, the concluding very last episode of Attack on Titan will be released. For many fans of the show, this will be an undoubtedly emotional moment because the show has run for so long. The show itself is about a society of people who live in city surrounded by a number of round high walls. These walls are necessary because outside these walls are large humanoid giants roaming around that are incredibly dangerous. Humanity almost became extinct thanks to these giants, so it’s a matter of life or death for everyone living in the city.

2. The Faraway Paladin season 2

The Faraway paladin is finally getting a second season after two years because the first season was very well received. The story is about a boy named Will who grows up in an abandoned city. Everyone who had ever lived in the city died a long time ago and Will slowly begins to find out what happened and why he himself is there in the first place. In doing so, he gets help from three ghosts/undead, a skeletal warrior, a mummified priestess and a ghostly sorcerer. Together with these undead heroes, he slowly discovers what is really going on.

3. Goblin Slayer season 2
Goblin Slayer is finally getting a second season after five years, fans have had to wait a long time but this fall it is finally here. Goblin Slayer is a very brutal and gory anime show about quite literally a Goblin Slayer, also known as Orcbolg or Beardcutter. Goblin Slayer is a male knight who dislikes goblins and has made it his life’s goal to rid the world of as many goblins as possible to defend humanity. He does this along with other warriors from the human kingdom, although sometimes his companions are severely disturbed by his merciless killing and total lack of remorse.
(Please note, this show is graphic and definitely not intended for younger viewers).

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