The first edition of speeddates at HMIA resulted in 136 matches!


The very first speed dating event at Heroes Made in Asia, a celebration of Asian pop culture, turned out to be a success. This special event aimed to bring together people who love Asian entertainment and create connections. 

The first edition of the speed dating event at Heroes Made in Asia brought fans of Asian pop culture together in a fun and engaging way. The speed dating event provided an opportunity for fans of Asian pop culture to meet and connect with each other. Fans of anime, manga, K-pop, J-pop, and other Asian entertainment came together to share their love for these forms of entertainment. The event aimed to bring like-minded individuals together and create new connections.

During the event, participants engaged in a series of short conversations with different people. Each conversation lasted only a few minutes before moving on to the next person. Participants had the opportunity to learn about each other and find common ground. At the end of the event, individuals could express their interest in potential matches, and matches were made based on mutual attraction. The event resulted in a remarkable 136 matches. As Heroes Made in Asia continues to grow, the speed dating event will undoubtedly remain a part of the convention, creating opportunities for fans to meet and form new relationships.

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