Cosplay Village announcement: Tara.Cosplay


Meet Cosplayer Tara.Cosplay in our new Cosplay Village! 

”Heyaa! My name is Tara or also Tara.Cosplay on social media. I have been Cosplaying for over 8 years and have been creating my own Cosplays for over 5 years. I love spending the whole day behind my sewing machines to create something in real life that I saw on my screen. With every project I challenge myself to create something new and learn new things to use in the next project.

That’s also why one my favorite quotes is: “if you want something created that nobody’s ever seen before it should be by your own hands.”. Creating something is one of my biggest passions in cosplay and I love showing that to everyone. I also love telling everyone how I make everything and the thought and reasons behind it. Definitely come visit my stand to see my creations and ask me things on how I made things and tips for your next project.” – Tara.Cosplay

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