Cosplay Judge announcement: Chris Minney


Meet our second Cosplay Judge: Chris Minney (Be More Shonen)! 

Chris Minney is the anime fitness coach! Here’s a little about him:

  • He’s a competitive Cosplayer representing the U.K with his other half Nomes Cosplay (WCS 18/21 & C4 )
  • He’s a world record holding speed eater! (Both chicken nugget related!)
  • He’s an international cosplay judge appearing in many countries!
  • He’s an ABPU powerlifter with a peak 480kg total

Chris Minney documents his anime inspired life on social media. His username ‘Be More Shonen’ is a mantra for anime fans, a mantra that embodies those epic anime stories that we all love. It’s his mission to combine those stories with tested mindset principles, proven exercise science, and a no nonsense approach to nutrition to create real life super heroes (or villains!)

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