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Discover new flavors and unique dishes from Asian countries at our Food Market. Are you ready for an flavor explosion?

When you walk into the Food Market the smell of all the spices from different Asian countries will wake up your hunger. Try out the Japanese Osaka classic Takoyaki if you want to try a crispy yet soft runny inside savoir snack. For the beers lover the perfect combi is a side of Karaage with a cold Japanese beer. Karaage is the Japanese variant of fried chicken that uses potato starch instead of the usual flour. This gives the chicken a more lighter but crisper crust. For the street food lovers there will be an Indonesian street food car selling homemade street food.

One of the best seller is the Indonesian lumpia’s that follows their grandma recipe. Lastly for the people that want a milky or sweet drink Bubble Tea is the best option for you. The drink that originated in Taiwan has become a globally popular drink that is almost drunk in every city.

Check out our Asian Market menu down below:

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