Meet various exhibitors!


Which exhibitors can you visit during our edition in May?

Henk Comics & Manga

Henk Comics & Manga is a popular Comic shop located in Amsterdam. You can find many Comics and various Funko Pops here.

The Popshop

This store is an alternative clothing store that sells a lot of Popmerchandising. They sell a lot of Anime Merch, think Demon Slayer, Naturo, One Piece, the Seven Deadly Sins, My Hero Academia, Jujustu Kaisën, Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Revengers, Jojo’s Bizzare Advertures, Hatsune Miku, Assassination Classroom and many more.

Chantu Beauty

Their brand is more than just a skincare store. Free advice, free samples with every order and the latest trendy skincare straight from Korea!

More to explorer

Cosplay Judge announcement: moemoefever

”I’ve been doing Cosplaying for over 10 years, and I’m representing Finland this year for World Cosplay Summit alongside my partner. I’m a seamstress and a designer by profession and crafting Cosplays from secondhand materials is my favorite thing to do!”

Cosplay Judge announcement: Pinyamiu

”When I’m judging Cosplay competitions, I focus on the material, seams and fitting. I have been Cosplaying since I was a teenager and even won several Cosplay competitions and represented Finland around the world!”

Cosplay Judge announcement: Chris Minney

Chris Minney is our second Cosplay Judge! He is part of ”Be More Shonen” and a competitive cosplayer who represent the UK. Chris Minney documents his anime inspired life on social media with a combined audience of 170k+ followers. He is also known as the anime fitness coach! His username ‘Be More Shonen’ is a mantra for anime fans, a mantra that embodies those epic anime stories that we all love.

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