Happy Mid-autumn festival!


The midherfstfestival is a traditional festival celebbrated in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, vietnam and hongkong. The reason for a celebration is the same as in most east and southeast asia. It’s the day to celebrate the beauty of the full moon. 

The Midherfstfestival is one of the most important holidays in chinese culture and it dates back to over more than 3000 years. On this day, they believe that the moon is at its brightest and fullest size. The festival is about lunar appreciation, and mooncakes are regarded as a delicacy. Moonackes are pastrys typically filled with egg yolk, sweet-bean, meat or a lotus-seed paste. Lanterns of all different sizes and shapes, are carried trough China, they symbolize beacons that are brightning people’s way to good fortune.

Tết Trung Thu is the name of the midherstfestival in Vietnam. On this day, people organize a feast to watch the moon. When the moon is high, children sing and dance while watching the full moon. Children look forward to this day because they are often given toys by adults. Children’s toys in the Tết Trung Thu are made of paper and shaped like creatures such as butterflies, elephants, horses, unicorns, dragons and fish. 

In Japan they celebrate this day a little different. Tsukimi is the Japanse name of the national holiday also known as Jugoya. On this special day parties are being organized, to look at the moon together. Some people even repeat the activities for several evening after the appearance of the full moon due to its popularity in Japan. During these parties people like to eat rice dumplings and make food like sweet potatoes as offering to the full moon. Decorations made from Japanese pampas grass are an tradition that can’t be missed during Tsukimi.

Last but not least is Chuseok it’s also known as Hangawi. Chuseok is known as a major mid-autumn havest fest in Korea. In south korea they celebrate it with having a three-day holiday, it is the biggest traditional holiday in South Korea. North korea only celebrates it on the official day of Chuseok itself. When celebrating this fest there are two major traditions related tot he celebration of Chuseok. The first tradition is to visit the ancestral graves and to clean bthem. On this day it’s custom to prepare the ancestors their favorite meal as an offering.

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