The K-wave, how the Korean pop culture became a hit in the west.


The K-wave, K-pop and K-drama have become a great success in the west. Yet few places offer a taste of the Korean pop culture, luckily Heroes made in Asia brings the Korean culture to you in The Netherlands.

It has become undeniable. Korean pop culture has been through enormous growth in the west. By now the Korean pop-culture hype has become so big it even got its own term, the K-wave. It all started with the big K-pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK, who managed to fill some of the biggest venues across Europe. Including here in the Netherlands. In 2018 BTS managed to fill up the entire Ziggo Dome within only 30 minutes and this with above-average ticket pricing. Such a thing is a feat many artists can only dream of.

But it’s not only the K-pop bands that made their mark on the west, after all almost everybody who spends time on the internet has once heard something about Squid Game. The Netflix show who saw itself become the hot topic across the internet. It became such a discussed topic on the internet it was near impossible to avoid spoilers while browsing the internet. The K-drama success did not stop at Squid Game. Shortly after squid game Netflix released a few other K-dramas, among which hellbound and all of us are dead. Two series that like Squid Game managed to become big hits in the west. 

The question now is what kind of impact are these K-dramas going to have in the western world. Is the west starting to develop a taste for the Korean film style? Or is the west simply looking to watch the best tv series no matter where they were made? Of course, The answer is not entirely one or the other. There will already have been many people, who after finishing squid game, turned to the internet with the question: Which K-drama should I watch next? Who knows you might even be one of them. 

In contrast to the huge success of Korean pop culture, there are still very few places in The Netherlands where you can get in contact with Korean pop culture. Of course, you have the occasional shop that happens to sell some merch of a few bigger K-pop bands. But aside from that, the options are very limited. Luckily Heroes made in Asia brings Korean pop culture to the Netherlands and this in the form of an interactive event. 

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