These were the HMIA Cosplay Contest winners!


The Cosplay Contest took place on the Saturday of Heroes Made in Asia. From all participants, a top 3 was chosen by our Cosplay jury. Are you curious who won the Cosplay Contest?

The jury consisted of three cosplayers; Pugoffka, Inspector Lemon and AKrCos. Together they looked at which Cosplayer showed off the most beautiful costume and the best performance.

3rd place

In third place is Ezra Braun a.k.a. Echo Cosplayy. Ezra has won the third place thanks to a great Cloud cosplay from Final Fantasy.

2nd place

The winners of the second place in the Cosplay Contest at Heroes Made in Asia are freckledfox_cosplay & Dominick. This duo managed to blow everyone away with their cosplay from Naruto.

1st place

The big winners were dobi.cosplay and roozzie. Wow! How cool were their cosplays! Congratulations again on the win.

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