Participate in the Crowd Canvas Manga Field!


Participate in the Crowd Canvas Manga Field during Heroes Made in Asia

The Crowd Canvas Manga Field is a unique and free experience for young and old. All 20 canvasses together will form a new storyline. The panels tell the story of a beautiful princess who is held captive by a ferocious dragon in a tower waiting for liberation. Will the samurai and the tramp be able to free the princess from the clutches of the deadly monster? The Crowd Canvas manga tells a fairy tale set in a distant Japanese past.

At the Crowd Canvas Manga Field, every visitor can take on the role of a real Manga artist. Comics were traditionally always drawn with a pencil, then inked and finally colored beautifully. At the Heroes Made In Asia we have already done the preparatory work. That’s the drawing and inking. All that remains is to color in the pre-drawn canvases.

Will the crowd of Heroes Made In Asia be able to finish all the canvases….? 👀

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