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Heroes Made in Asia is not complete without artists! This is why we invited 4 artists to Heroes Made in Asia. They are present both days and you can visit them to buy prints, ask for autographs or just to chat with them! Below you can see which artists are coming!

Carles Dalmau

Carles Dalmau (Girona, 1997) is an illustrator and Manga artist with an specialty degree in Audio/Visuals and multimedia. In 2020 he published his first short manga, “my guardian angel” in the Planeta Manga magazine and he took the second prize award in the international short story manga Webtoon award with “Lucid Lucy”. He’s currently working on “Soma”, his new Manga. Aside of those, he’s worked as a concept artist for the videgame Cult of the Lamb (Massive Monster Studios/Developer Digital) and in other videogame related projects like Monster Camp, The Binding of Isaac, Wildfrost and Ankora: Lost Days, among others. He’s recently worked with Netflix in the animated series “Maya and the three”. Carles also created the official poster for the 27th edition of the Manga Convention in Barcelona and with companies like Clipstudio Paint andWacom teaching online classes and tutorials. As of today, Carles has more than 572.000 followers on Instagram and 37.000 on Twitter.

Judit Mallol

Judit Mallol was born in Barcelona in 1994. She’s been drawing since she was able to hold a pencil and she hasn’t stopped until today, when she’s finally been able to make her passion into her profession. Judit worked for Ubisoft designing characters for games designed for cell phones while she finished her degree in Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona. She also started showing her illustrations in Social Networks at that time, and now she has hundreds of thousands of followers. Since 2018 She’s been illustrating books for kids and young adults in Spain, England or the United States, with books like Hallyu, Discovering Seoul, where Judit created a travel diary mixed with a guide for future travelers like she was herself to the capital of South Korea among her creations. She hopes to surprise us all with new and exciting projects very soon!

Marian Company

Marian Company is visual storyteller, script writer and manga specialist. She is part of the teaching staff of Joso School, a comic and visual arts center in Barcelona. She has illustrated books for Ediciones Destino and her work for Planeta Manga was nominated for Best National Manga in 2020. Her dream is not only to draw beautiful characters, but to also get an emotional reaction out of the reader.

Miriam Bonastre

Miriam Bonastre was born in Barcelona in 1994 and she started drawing even before she started walking. She studied comic and illustration at the Joso Art School in Barcelona. She has published stories in the best-selling magazine Planeta Manga and she’s been part of the creative team behind the Virtual Hero animated show. For years, Miriam published her first story, Hooky, weekly on Webtoon, and that series became one the biggest international successes of that digital comics’ platform, with more than 94 million subscriptions to it. In 2021 she published the first printed volume of Hooky in the USA, and the book became an instant best-seller. It’s been recently published in Spain, too.

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