This was the Cosplay Week!


 Last week was Cosplay Week at Heroes Made in Asia! In this week we’ve shared several highlights and activities around Cosplay. This article lists all the announcements!

Cosplay judges AKrCos and Inspector Lemon

Cosplayers AKrCos and Inspector Lemon are coming to Heroes Made in Asia and are the Cosplay Judges for the Cosplay Contest! They will judge the participants of the Cosplay Contest on Saturday. You can visit them both days for an autograph or photo.

AKrCos is a cosplayer from North Florida that started cosplaying in 2014. She creates costumes and makeup looks based on characters from a variety of themes, including anime, movies, comic books, and video games. She specializes in makeup looks, creating outfits, styling wigs, making armor and Social Media Marketing.

Lemon is a Cosplayer and influencer from North Florida. She makes cosplays from popular anime, video games and manga series. She is good at creating costumes, making props and wigs styling. Before starting Cosplaying, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in English.

Cosplay Contest

The registrations for the Cosplay Contest have opened! Show the audience what you have and seize your moment to shine on the Main Stage of Heroes Made in Asia!  Do you have a very cool cosplay that you would like to show to our judges? Then sign up and maybe you’ll win the first prize of € 1,000,-!

You can register until 10 April, full = full.

Cosplay Catwalk

Registrations for the Cosplay Catwalk have opened as well! Do you want to show your cosplay to the audience on a large stage, but do you not (yet) want to participate in the Cosplay Contest? Then the Cosplay Catwalk is perfect for you!

The Cosplay Catwalk is a “walk on – walk off”. So you don’t have to prepare an act and get a short time to show your cosplay to the audience. You can register for this until 17 April.

Giveaway Fabion

In collaboration with Fabion we can give a super cool Demon Slayer umbrella away among the ticket holders of HMIA. Protect yourself and your loved ones not only from demons, but also from the rain and the sun with this beautiful Demon Slayer sword umbrella. It is of high quality and has twice as many steel ribs as a standard umbrella, making it extra strong for stormy weather. The handle looks just like the Tsuka from the Nichirin Blade from the series and gives a good grip.

Do you want to participate in this giveaway? Then take a look at our social media pages! You can still participate until Wednesday!

Fursuits: The Quest For The Golden Tail

Take your chance and win a plush tail!

Participating is easy!  Come to the stand of Fursonal suits and creations (C11) at the upcoming edition of Heroes Made in Asia you can draw a golden ticket from the bowl. Every buyer is entitled to 1 chance!

There is a lot to do on Heroes Made in Asia in terms of Cosplay and this was not all! Keep an eye on our socials and websites for more announcements!

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Attention; important notice! There will be no trains running to and from Gorinchem station this coming Sunday

We have just received notification from Prorail that urgent track maintenance is scheduled for this coming Sunday, February 25th. We have engaged in discussions, but unfortunately, the work could not be postponed. We understand that this may cause problems for some of you. As alternative transportation, NS will deploy buses. However, please be aware that this may result in longer travel times.

Visit Go-Tan at Heroes Made in Asia

“Hello, we are Go-Tan! Not your typical food brand, but a food-loving family from Asia. Go-Tan is a family business run with love and dedication by Bing and Han, the sons of founder Frans Go. Bing is the boss of the family business and Han conceives, develops, and approves all products. Perhaps you’ve seen him on our packaging? Or do you know him from our TV commercials?”

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