DIY Furoshiki


Furoshiki are traditional Japanese pieces of fabric used to wrap and transport objects. The history behind these pieces of fabric goes way back. Long ago they were used to protect valuable object in temples, after that it was used to wrap clothes and after that to carry around your stuff in bathhouses. The popularity of Furoshiki had a set back after the war, when paper and plastic bags became available to shoppers, but it’s been making a comeback since people are more concerned about the environment. 

Now the holidays are coming up and gifts need wrapping, there no time like the present to try out this DIY! It’s not only a fun and new way to wrap your gifts, but you’re also being considerate about the environment. All you need is a square piece of fabric with a design to your liking, preferably visible on both sides. There are many, many ways to wrap your stuff with furoshiki, so the options underneath are just a very small selection!


Square objects

This first way is a simple way yo wrap square objects. You put your gift/object in the middle of the fabric, take two opposite corners and then tie it into a knot. After that you do the exact same with the remaining corners and your gift is wrapped!

Flat, square objects

Do you have a flat, square gift? Then you can use this way of wrapping! First you pull one of the corners across the object, like you would do when wrapping something with paper. Afterwards you do the same with the opposite corner and turn the package around like in step 4. Then you turn the two remaining corners together, put them flat against the surface of the package and turn it around again (step 6). The last thing to do know is to tie a knot again!

Bottle/Tall objects

And of course there’s also a way to wrap a bottle!
You can do this by putting one corner over the top of the bottle and then repeating this with the opposite corner. After that you turn the remaining corners around the bottle, making sure the first two corners are tucked in, and tie a knot.


Like mentioned before this is just a small selection from the many ways you can use furoshiki to wrap things. Do you want to wrap something that isn’t mentioned above, a short Google session can get you very far!

Good luck!

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