Venzu introduces HMIA’s new exhibitors to you!

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Venzu is one of the mascots of Heroes Made in Asia. He is in love with everything that has to do with Japanese, Korean and Chinese food and products. So, he is quite excited to show all the visitors the three new exhibitors who will attend the event. He will introduce the new exhibitors to you!

Anime import

The first exhibitor I would like to introduce to you is Anime Import, which is an online web shop for all your anime collectables. At the online store, you could buy figurines of anime characters, models of cars from different anime’s and movies and stuffed toys.

I am really excited to see this great exhibitor who comes all the way from Italy!


Another new exhibitor which I am proud to announce is the awesome online clothing store inspired by Japanese street fashion and anime culture, named Kaomoji.

Their goal is ‘’Designing fashion to express yourself, without being afraid of showing who you are. ‘’

I love their clothing and I am excited to see what they will bring us at Heroes Made in Asia!

Cutie squad

Last but definitely not least, I would like to present to you, cutie squad. Cutie squad is an online web shop that sells products of the cutest superheroes, who are always ready to cheer up your day! The online store wants to remind everyone that a lot of things can be more fun!

For now, the squad consists out of Jacky (red panda), Ray (penguin), Mo (hamster), and Jess (unikitty). I am really excited to see these character products at Heroes Made in Asia to cheer up my day!

Do you want to see these amazing exhibitors in real life? Then buy a ticket for our event by clicking on the button below!

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