Artists in the spotlight: Nikki Smits

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We as Heroes Made in Asia have decided that in the coming weeks, we will put our artists in the spotlight. This week we will focus on nikkismitsillustration. Nikki from Rotterdam is already two years a fulltime freelance illustrator. Additionally, she also will be part of the first edition of Heroes Made in Asia. In this article, you can read more about who she is, what you could expect from her, and why she is a good fit with our visitors.

‘’ With my art, I strive to create my own fantasy world. A place where you would want to be.’’ Mentioned Nikki when I asked her to describe her art. She added on this by saying: ‘’ The world could be so dull and negative.’’ For this reason, she aims that her art is a place where people could escape from this.

This positive art derived from multiple factors. The first one being is that when she was younger, she would always watch Anime. This is something where she gets a lot of her inspiration from. Nevertheless, when she started her art study at the HKU this changed because at that college anime was frowned upon. Thus, she started drawing mostly animals and started experimenting with many things. Nevertheless, she never regretted doing this study because it gave her current art many different influences.

After her study, she started making music posters. she did this for companies such as Melkweg and Tivoli. However, afterwards, she decided that she wanted to do more for herself. So already a few years ago, she started selling her art at a convention. She directly received many positive and excited responses to her art. Quickly she noticed that her target group are the kind of teenagers she used to be. That is following to Nikki also the reason why she fits so well at Heroes Made in Asia. Namely, she can empathize with the visitors very well.

Lastly, we asked her what the visitors could expect from her on Heroes Made in Asia. She answered that we could expect original calendars, notepads, cards, and stickers and everything in her style

  • Instagram: @nikkismitsillustration
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