Naruto Symphonic Experience


‘Naruto Symphonic Experience’ offers fans and manga lovers a unique opportunity to experience the adventure of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki in a new way. The audience will be introduced to Naruto, who along with other young ninja friends goes on a mission to protect his village and friends.

The expressive images on big screen are musically accompanied by live orchestra ‘Un Pour Tous’ – with signature Japanese musical instruments. This gives extra power to the epic battles and unforgettable characters of this world-famous manga and anime hit. The orchestra brings to life the memorable music of Japanese composer Toshio Masuda.

This one-of-a-kind show had its European premiere in Paris last year, where the event venue sold out three times and a total of more than 9,000 fans enjoyed the spectacle. The orchestra, consisting of 42 members, makes the ‘Naruto Symphonic Experience’ a unique live event. The film is spoken in Japanese; the original language and rendered with Dutch subtitles. The orchestra adds an extra touch of Japanese culture to the performance, with a line-up that includes not only classical orchestral instruments, but also rock, pop and traditional Japanese instruments such as the Shakuhachi and Shamisen. The integration of these instruments adds an authentic touch to Toshio Masuda’s beautiful compositions and makes the show even more memorable.

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