Heroes Workshop tickets


Immerse yourself in the Asian culture in the Heroes Workshops area through the many available workshops! Take part in an actual Japanese Tea Ceremony, create the most beautiful shapes with origami and learn how to write your own name in Japanese!

Heroes Workshops Ticket Rules:

• The Free workshop tickets can be picked up at the Workshop Ticket point on the second floor.

• You need to get tickets for the workshops in Heroes Workshops 1,2 & 3 & Active Heroes.

• The timeslots to get tickets are:
o From 9:30 – 12:00 you can get tickets for the workshops until 12.00
o From 12.00 – 14:00 you can get tickets for the workshops until 14:00
o From 14:00 – 17:00 you can get tickets for the workshops until 17:00

• You can only get 2 workshop tickets per person per timeslot.

• You can only access the workshops with a ticket.

• You must be present 5 minutes before the workshop stats otherwise your spot will be given away.

• Are the tickets sold out? You can wait by the door 5 minutes before the workshop starts to see if there are any last minute spots available!

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