Heroes College

Heroes College

Are you determined to learn as much about Asia as you can? Make sure you visit Heroes College! The purpose of the College area is to teach you about and to get you acquainted with Asia on many different aspects.

Education first

Do you want to travel around the world, discover Seoul and Tokyo and teach Koreans from Japanese? Education First will be present at Heroes Made in Asia and will give an presentation at Heroes College.

"Kyaraben" workshop

Tokyo doll gives a "Kyaraben" workshop, where you can transform your favorite anime character into a tasteful lunch box!

Workshop ''building a world in your story''

The worlds that come to life in fantastic literature have sprung from the imagination. But they are also real and have a history. In what ways can you build a world so that the characters can inhabit it and experience adventures?

Workshop ''Creating your own Character''

Characters come from somewhere and go somewhere. And in the meantime, we get to know them. What types of characters are there and how can you develop a character yourself. Based on examples, the participants set to work under the guidance of one or more authors to allow a new person to enter our world
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