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FAQ for visitors - corona virus

General questions

The Dutch government has decided to no longer allow events in the Netherlands until September 1th. Because of this we are forced to postpone Heroes Made in Asia.

We have looked for alternative dates that is as far away as possible. We are also depending on the alternative dates that were offered by Evenementenhal Gorinchem. Of course we hope that the event can continue on the new dates, but if this is not the case, we will look into the alternatives once again.

Tickets & Vouchers

Yes, the tickets are valid on the new dates.

  • Tickets for Saturday 23 May/15 August on Saturday 8 May 2021
  • Tickets for Sunday 24 May/16 August on Sunday 9 May 2021
  • Weekend tickets are valid for the entire weekend on 8 & 9 May 2021

Ticket holders have received an email from Paylogic with instructions. If desired,  it is also possible to swap your day ticket for the other day. 

The ‘Save your ticket’ initiative, which is supported by the government, is set up to prevent event organizations from collapsing if everyone reclaims their money. This gives organizations and events such as Heroes Made in Asia the opportunity to organize new events in the future. Instead of requesting a refund for your ticket, you get request a voucher that you can use later to purchase a ticket in the near future.

With ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, the event industry hopes that ticket buyers will visit their favorite event at a later time. This helps mitigate the economic impact in the event sector, which is caused by the measures concerning the coronavirus. As a result, new events can be planned for the future. Not only organizers, exhibitors and special guests are helped with this, but also all the people behind the scenes who make the events possible, such as set designers, technicians, suppliers and other employees and self-employed people in the sector. If you want to know more about the backgrounds, take a look at this video from thethe NOS or this fragment from Radar.

If the event is moved within 13 months of the original date, your ticket will remain valid for the moved event. If you are not able to visit the event on the new date, your can opt for a voucher (a digital credit) for the purchased amount (including service and/or reservation costs). The voucher is valid for at least 12 months. Or you can ask for a refund.

You can use the voucher to buy any tickets for Heroes Made in Asia for at least 12 months after receiving the voucher. You can also use this voucher for another edition of Heroes Made in Asia. 

The voucher has the value of your full order. You can use this voucher as ‘credit’ to buy a new ticket in the ticket shop of Heroes Made in Asia in the future. For example, you can convert a Saturday ticket of this year into a voucher, to buy a weekend ticket. Of course you will have to pay the difference in price.

Yes, you can. Thank you very much! Ticker holders received an email where they can start a request.

What a pity! Please make use of one of the following below:

-See if you can sell your ticket to a friend or family member.
-Try to sell your ticket on, this is a safe website for buyer and seller.
-You can make a donation of your ticket or a part of it.
-Ask for a voucher, this way you can enjoy Heroes Made in Asia at a later moment.

If you choose for a voucher or a donation you really support Heroes Made in Asia. If you really want your money back, you can also apply for a refund. All ticket holders received a email to choose one of the option before July 8th, 23,59 hours.

This applies to the entire value of the order. We can not provide a voucher per ticket.

Tickets bought via Ticketswap will also remain valid for next year. 

If you have bought a ticket via Ticketswap you can not get a refund or voucher for Heroes Made in Asia. In that case, you have to contact Ticketswap or the seller.

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