DIY 3D Paper Christmas Tree


DIY this cute 3D paper christmas tree to decorate the whole house with. Put them on the table, on your desk or even at the top of your christmas tree! You can always DIY one for your friends and family.

While christmas trees have no origin in Asian cultures, the symbol of christmas is accepted throughout the world and even in Asian culture nowadays. Christmas wreaths, Merry Christmas banners, colorful lights and ornaments can be seen everywhere in Asia. But in most of the Asian countries Christmas is not recognized public holiday, which means that the offices as well as the schools, colleges and universities remain open. Of course, this is not the case for all Asian countries. The Philippines, for example, is known for celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season, which begins already on September 1st!

So if you want a quick and easy DIY for the holidays, just follow along this video below to create your own 3D paper christmas tree! 

Merry Christmas!


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