Venzu introduces you to our newest participants


This week, Venzu will introduce you to our newest participants for Heroes Made in Asia in October. The participants he would like to introduce are: Anna draw stuff, Miyuuhime and Pan-tastique. In this article, you are able to learn more about the participants and what you could expect from them at Heroes Made in Asia.

Anna draw stuff

Venzu would like to introduce all of you to an artist at our event, namely Annadrawstuff. Anna is a Dutch illustrator who sells tarot cards, art prints, buttons, stickers, keychains, and many more products on her Etsy shop. She makes the most unique and amazing products, which is why Venzu is super enthusiastic to see her at Heroes Made in Asia.


The next artist, Venzu would like to introduce, is Miyuuhime. On her webshop, you can find the prettiest prints, keychains, and standees. Her signature style involves manga drawings with a lot of colours and with a lot of positivity.

Venzu would definitely like to visit this artist in October!


The last artist Venzu would like to introduce is Pan-tastique. This awesome Dutch animator makes and sells the coolest tote bags, buttons, stickers, and cards. All of them are in his self-proclaimed: ‘’Cartoony style’’.

Venzu is very excited to see Pan-tastique at Heroes Made in Asia in October!

Do you want to see these amazing participants in real life? Get yourself a ticket by clicking on the button below!

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