Venzu introduces you to our new participants

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Venzu is the Heroes Made in Asia mascot for everything regarding merchandise. Today, he will introduce you to the newest participants on the Asian market. The participants that he wants to introduce are Cute Stuff, Kami arts and Nippon Kawaii. In this article, there will be described who these participants are and what you can expect from them at Heroes Made in Asia.

Cute stuff

The first participant Venzu wants to introduce you to is Cute stuff. is the webshop for everything about Kawaii. They sell things such as stationery products, pluches and bags. Additionally, everything is guaranteed to be at least 200% cute.

Consequently, Venzu is very excited to see them at the event and to be amazed by all their kawaii products!

Kami arts

The next participant Venzu wants to introduce to you to is the French studio Kami arts. They originated from a common passion for pop culture and figurines. In their creative webshop, you can find figurines of manga, films, series, and video games.

But what is Kami arts? Kami are gods in Japanese culture. These Kami’s can be found on the website as symbolic figures such as Hachiman the god of war and Inari the goddess of rice.

Venzu is really curious about what kind of cool figurines they will bring to the convention!

Nippon kawaii

Venzu would also like to introduce you to the web shop that already describes itself as a “cuteness overload”. This web shop has a lot of unique and quality brands that are all too cute! You can find stuff like Plushies, kawaii buttons and keychains.

Nippon Kawaii literally means ”Japanese and cute” and that makes us already excited!

Do you want to see these amazing participants in real life? Then buy a ticket for our event by clicking on the button below!

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