Our favourite Kdrama’s on Netflix


Recently, Netflix has started offering a lot more Kdrama’s. So, we thought it was time to share our favourite Kdrama’s with you. Do you agree with our choices or did we miss an important one? Tell us on our social media channels!

Romance is a bonus book

The first Kdrama you must see is Romance is a bonus book. The series is about Kang Dan-I, a former successful advertising copywriter. However, after having a child, she decided to quit her work to focus on her family. Unfortunately, this does not work out the way she had hoped. After her divorce from her husband, she became unemployed and homeless. On top of that, many jobs turned her down since she has a lot of experience but missed too much in recent years.

Fortunately, her best friend, the successful author and senior editor Cha Eun-ho, needs a new housekeeper. Cha Eun-ho and Kang Dan-i have been friends since their childhood, but he still does not know that her best friend is divorced and homeless. Kang Dan-I uses this opportunity by saying that she has found him a new housekeeper. While Cha Eun-ho is unaware that she secretly takes the money and cleans his house when he went to work. Naturally, he found out, which was very difficult for him. It even became more difficult for him when she decided to apply for a starters job at his office, while she has a lot more potential. Can she convince the company of her advertising skills?

This romantic Kdrama is one full of hilarious moments, drama, and love.

It’s okay not to be okay

Moon Gang-Tae is a caregiver in a psychiatric ward. Since his mother was murdered in front of him, he has been moving from town to town with his autistic older brother Moon Sang-Tae. Since Moon Sang-Tae is autistic, Moon Gang-Tae feels very responsible for him.

Until one day Moon Gang-Tae runs into a well-known children’s author who is said to have an antisocial personality disorder. They quickly discover that they have a lot in common and slowly work together on their emotional problems.

This romantic award-winning show is a beautiful story about love and mental health and is therefore certainly high on our list!

Crash landing on you

Crash Landing on you is the last on our list. This romantic drama is about the wealthy South Korean entrepreneur Yoon Se-Ri who had to make an emergency landing in North Korea due to an accident while paragliding. In North Korea, she meets the North Korean army officer Ri Jeong-Hyeok. He protects her and gives her a place to hide. Here the rich Yoon Se-Ri must learn to adapt to the poor life in North Korea. Together they try to get Yoon Se-Ri back to South Korea, which is quite a challenge as they must go through a military area. Furthermore, something is also starting to blossom between her and Ri Jeong-Hyeok.

This romantic drama is full of excitement and romance and is therefore high on our list.

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